Topic owner

Absolute date range is broken

Better in-app links to public portal

Typo: free tier notification

Topics CSV missing partial counter

Filter by numeric range

Deterministic UX for topic creation

Improved Slack notifications

Enhanced filtering for topics view

Move toggle for backlog on public portal

Custom branding for webapp

Bypass topic review for admins

Fix arrow navigation for surveys

Kanban view sometimes crashes

Treat +1 differently

Upvotes in public roadmap

Hide backlog from public roadmap

Hide login button for changelog-only public portal

Cant edit contact name

Role based capabilities

Documentation for public portal login

Can't see teammates from another domain

Sync Linear teams

Associate contacts with company without Intercom

Delete contact

Delete persona

Ability to toggle Smart Suggestions

Filter by submission time (date range) is not working

Topics data export must include product area

Intercom widget not loading

Free plan

Can't delete label or product area

Wrong contact identified

Set and unset favorite views

Onboarding tasks cant be marked completed

Review and moderation tooling

Reduce verbiage for filtering options

Chrome extension freezes on second monitor (Mac)

Feedback not attributed to newly created persona

Topic types: features, bugs, etc.

Grayscale logo for source apps

Product areas

Bring in company attributes from Intercom

Named (bookmarked) views

Ability to invite teammates through UI

Zendesk integration

Expose contact.remote_id in CSV exports

Second Slack workspace

Provide short links in webapp

Add photo / screenshot with customer quote

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