Drag-n-drop topics to change state in Kanban view

Weight topics by unique companies

Using email domains to map people to companies

Slack notifications when topic state is changed

Ability to bookmark views integration for attributes

Salesforce as data source

Daily Voice of the Customer report

Show count of clipped quotes for a page in extension icon

Ability to create multiple workspaces

Provide topic suggestions

Delete custom attribute

Make contact custom attributes editable in apps

Merge duplicate contacts

Associate contact with company (manually)

Search for company

Better support for smaller laptop screens

Override Intercom data

Record interview notes

HubSpot as data source

Ability to remove Herald branding

Ability to disable individual changelog view

Ability to see when a topic was archived

Clarify the implications of archiving a topic

Make it easy to get user feedback on recently shipped features

Use Gmail accounts to get started with Herald

Create shareable link for a topic with all customer quotes

Zapier integration

Breakdown of companies/customers providing feedback on a topic

Automatically bring in highlighted text as the quote in the Front plugin

Clipping feedback from GitHub is confusing because it defaults to "Connect" tab.

Collect feedback from mobile apps more easily

Improve loading speed of Chrome extension

Ability to export data

Store quote context in Herald

Ability to add customer quotes from Superhuman

Better keyboard shortcut to close quote confirmation screen

Not everyone has a good mental model to map quotes to topics

Send Voice of the Customer to a mailing list

Email notification for workspace activity

Asana integration

GitHub integration

JIRA integration

GitLab integration

Improve discoverability of Slack app features

Automated warning about emergent issues

Add photo / screenshot with customer quote


Improve back/forward navigation after editing a topic or changelog

Editing a quote from quotes view switches the view to the topic view

Kanban view should be left to right

Newlines in quotes should be visible

Enable iframe embeds in Changelogs and Topic descriptions

Slice-n-dice feedback by customer persona

Lists jerk around when window size changes

Contact attributes synced with Intercom

Improve duplicate feedback indicator

Search for contact

Extension crashes when deleting a topic label

Multiple images per changelog entry

Hide topic details sidebar

Magic link to show user that their feedback has been recorded

ETA date picker doesn't allow typing in a date

Custom domain for customer portal

Ability to change company logo on customer portal

Customize changelog title

Ability to add links in editor

Improve toggle indicator between between topics and quotes

Slice-n-dice feedback by customer attributes

Filter quotes by topic label

Filter topics in more than one state (OR filtering)

Onboarding task to enable Intercom integration

Improve rendering speed of topics list for workspaces with too many active topics

Speed up toggle switch for topic visibility

Topic suggestions on the Chrome extension and Front plugin

Easy way to share product updates (changelog) with customers and prospects

Ability to create topics without quotes

Dismiss onboarding tasks before adding ten quotes

Voice of Customer report always mentions Monday as the scheduled day

Support for MessageBird

Provide GDPR Data Processing Agreement

Allow customers to provide feedback directly from customer portal

Internal roadmap to get team aligned

Best practices on how to organize feedback in Herald

More granular control of updates for Slack notifications

No active nav element on topic page

Quickly access the webapp from the extension

Improve experience for adding a customer quote from the webapp

Provide a personalized view of the roadmap

Guidance for new user in Front extension incorrectly claims automatic carrying of selected text

Onboarding task cant be marked as done

Ability to publish a public roadmap

Add support for Brave

Ability to let customer-facing teams see the current state of customer-requested features

User extraction from Gmail is faulty for long threads

Ability to add/edit colors to topic labels

Recall all customer quotes from a given business (company)

Analytics on weekly activity

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