Customizable portal URLs

Quotes data export to include product area

Logical URLs for companies

Dismiss survey response

OR conditions

MRR per topic

See timeline of feedback for a given topic/label

Change Linear API Key

Automated feedback entry via Zapier

Slack notification when user completes survey

Desktop app

More granular Slack notifications

Screen capture text to support desktop apps

Override prospect/customer selector

Multiple teams

Add additional topic to a quote

Streamline feedback entry

Hide backlog from public roadmap

Switch survey question for a quote

Custom branding for webapp too

Subscribe teammates to VOC without them logging in

Change workspace name

Show absolute date when quote was added

Custom text for survey questions

NPS platform integration

See average or distribution of custom attributes among contacts

In-app changelog widget

Zapier improvements

Bulk action on topics

Intercom integration improvements

Salesforce integration

Topic search is sensitive to plural vs. singular

New topic creation UX needs refinement

Airtable Sync

Sync Linear issue status with Herald


Outlook calendar integration

Gamify feedback contribution (leaderboard, etc.)

Multiple Voice of Customer reports

Custom attributes for topics

Role based capabilities

Prompted questions

Allow user to upload own avatar

Ability to remove hero image from topic description

Move uncategorized quotes to new topic

Support for code highlighting in quotes


Change "Our" to "Herald's" in the navbar

Can't login with Chrome extension on Linux

Pull in customer replies from Slack thread


Multiple public roadmaps

Automatic customer login

Upvotes in public roadmap

Visitor analytics for public portal

Fetch new Linear teams

Better support for anonymous contacts

See customer feedback in other Apps (Intercom, Gmail, etc.)

Drag-n-drop topics to change state in Kanban view

Weight topics by unique companies

Notifications on topic state change as a data source

Segment as data source

Zero priority level (lower than nice-to-have)

Daily Voice of the Customer report

Show count of clipped quotes for a page in extension icon

Ability to create multiple workspaces

Dashboard for recent activity

Let users subscribe to changelog updates

Delete custom attribute

Merge duplicate contacts

Search for company

Better support for smaller laptop screens

Override Intercom data

Record interview notes

HubSpot as data source

Ability to remove Herald branding

Ability to disable individual changelog view

Ability to see when a topic was archived

Make it easy to get user feedback on recently shipped features

Use Gmail accounts to get started with Herald

Create shareable link for a topic with all customer quotes

Breakdown of companies/customers providing feedback on a topic

Automatically bring in highlighted text as the quote in the Front plugin

Clipping feedback from GitHub is confusing because it defaults to "Connect" tab.

Collect feedback from mobile apps more easily

Improve loading speed of Chrome extension

Store quote context in Herald

Easier shortcut to launch extension

Better keyboard shortcut to close quote confirmation screen

Custom labels for quotes

Ability to create new labels in flow

Email notification for workspace activity

Asana integration

Allow +1 instead of a full quote

Associate topics with a priority or a score

GitHub integration

JIRA integration

GitLab integration

Improve discoverability of Slack app features

Automated warning about emergent issues

Use mouse to invoke extension


Topic data export to include product area

Intercom widget not loading

Free plan

Can't delete label or product area

Wrong contact identified

Set and unset favorite views

Onboarding tasks cant be marked completed

Review and moderation tooling

Reduce verbiage for filtering options

Chrome extension freezes on second monitor (Mac)

Feedback not attributed to newly created persona

Topic types: features, bugs, etc.

Grayscale logo for source apps

Product areas

Bring in company attributes from Intercom

Named (bookmarked) views

Ability to invite teammates through UI

Zendesk integration

Expose contact.remote_id in CSV exports

Second Slack workspace

Provide short links in webapp

Add photo / screenshot with customer quote

Better flow for editing contact custom attributes

Persisted contact info may create multiple contacts

Zapier integration: Push topic to external system

Login using Microsoft (Office365)

Allow multiple quotes to be added easily via Front Plugin

Change settings for Voice of the Customer report

Share link for specific customer quote

Show more search results (in Front Plugin)

Onboarding sidebar squishes other UI element

Get more than 40 topics

Export data from Bird's Eye view

Filter timestamp fields by date range

Data export


Don't hide quotes when renaming a topic

Ability to edit personas

Option type for custom attribute

Better support for Superhuman

Provide topic suggestions

Associate same quote with multiple topics

Shorter magic links (URLs) to share with customers

Not obvious that roadmap is in preview mode

Simplified view for logged-in customer portal user

Improve rendering of super tall images

Clarify to portal users that feedback they add won't be public

Filters should persist until user removes them explicitly

Browser extension for Firefox

Extension loses work in progress when inadvertently closed

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