Improve rendering speed of topics list for workspaces with too many active topics

Speed up toggle switch for topic visibility

Topic suggestions on the Chrome extension and Front plugin

Easy way to share product updates (changelog) with customers and prospects

Ability to create topics without quotes

Dismiss onboarding tasks before adding ten quotes

Voice of Customer report always mentions Monday as the scheduled day

Support for MessageBird

Provide GDPR Data Processing Agreement

Allow customers to provide feedback directly from customer portal

Internal roadmap to get team aligned

Best practices on how to organize feedback in Herald

More granular control of updates for Slack notifications

No active nav element on topic page

Quickly access the webapp from the extension

Improve experience for adding a customer quote from the webapp

Provide a personalized view of the roadmap

Guidance for new user in Front extension incorrectly claims automatic carrying of selected text

Onboarding task cant be marked as done

Ability to publish a public roadmap

Add support for Brave

Ability to let customer-facing teams see the current state of customer-requested features

User extraction from Gmail is faulty for long threads

Ability to add/edit colors to topic labels

Recall all customer quotes from a given business (company)

Analytics on weekly activity

Warn user when adding duplicate feedback

Ability to edit labels

Have an implementation state associated with topics

Linear integration

Better filtering of topics

Plugin for desktop-based Front app

Extension feels laggy on external monitor due to Chrome bug

Easy way to see/review recent activity by teammates

Ability to edit contact details

Ability to see all quotes from a contact

Prevent team members from creating duplicate topics

Ability to edit customer quotes

Weekly report summarizing Herald activity

Slack app to add customer quotes directly from Slack

Ability to use Herald without providing customer list

Save work in progress when users inadvertently click out of the extension window

Ability to filter topics

Can't find some customers

Provide ability to add labels to topics

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