Herald Changelog

A running list of our product updates.

January 11, 2021

Favorite views

Do you want to mark some of your saved views as more important than the others? Now you can with favorite views. Your team has the ability to mark up to 3 saved views as favorites. This will allow your co-workers to easily understand the importance of these views. Furthermore, the results for these saved views are accessible directly from the Home screen.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong contact was being identified in the Front Plugin.

  • Fixed bug where an onboarding task could not be marked as completed.

  • Fix another bug where a product area or label could not be deleted.

December 21, 2020

Lighweight Review process

Now you can institute a lightweight review process for newly created topics in your workspace. This will provide certain members of your team the opportunity to maintain uniform standards on problem wording/phrasing, product area, and labels. If you will have multiple team members adding customer feedback, we recommend enabling the review process.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Reduced the text shown for each of the filter options. It is now much shorter ;-)
December 14, 2020

Product Areas and Topic Types

Topics in Herald took a big step forward this week with the introduction of two new features:

Product Areas

It’s often important for teams to categorize topics by product area. For example, things that affect onboarding or the public API. Now, you can define the right product areas for your team in Settings > Labels and then apply them to any of your topics. You can then filter by product area and save those filters as a view for easy access.

Topic Types

We also rolled out the ability to categorize topics by type. While this is mostly for organizational purposes at the moment, in the future, we’ll add functionality specific to various topic types. For now, we allow you to categorize topics as one of:

  • Problem

  • Feature

  • Bug

  • Testimonial

  • Other

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where newly created personas were not getting feedback properly attributed to them.

  • Deployed a temporary fix for the Chrome Extension being extremely slow and unresponsive when used on secondary monitors.

December 7, 2020

Saved Views

After a week off for Thanksgiving, we’re back with some updates to help teams make the most of Herald. First up is saved views. This new feature allows you to create views of topics or feedback that are shared across your Herald workspace so that any team member can easily get to them. We’ve created a few useful ones like “In Motion” topics and “Recent Feedback” to give you a sense of what’s possible!

🏃🏼‍♂️ Improved Teammates View

We made some tweaks to the teammates view to provide you with some text you can copy and send to teammates to invite them to start using Herald. Remember, anyone with an email address on your company’s domain will automatically have access to your Herald workspace.

💼 Company Attributes Imported from Intercom

Herald now brings in company-level attributes from Intercom. This means you can build personas based on those attributes. So, for example, you can build a Herald persona of high-paying users based on the monthly_spend attribute of the companies in your workspace.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • The Herald UI has a new font! See if you notice the difference 👀

  • We heard from a number of users that the word “Quote” wasn’t the most intuitive name for feedback, so we renamed it! You should see “feedback” throughout the UI in place of the items that were previously called “quotes.”

  • Fixed bugs with filtering topics by quote count as well as by labels.

November 23, 2020

Zendesk Support for Extension

The Herald Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon now supports adding feedback directly from Zendesk! We’ll automatically parse the contact you’re clipping feedback from and attach it to their profile in Herald. That means collecting feedback from support tickets should now take a matter of seconds!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Redid the Herald onboarding flow for new customers to help them set up their workspace with the right labels and personas out of the box!

  • Some minor design tweaks to reduce the number of lines throughout the Herald UI. Always trying to make it easier on our users’ eyes!

November 16, 2020

Support for Multiple Slack Workspaces

We now support multiple Slack workspaces being connected to the same Herald workspace. This is useful if you have both a private Slack workspace for internal discussions as well as a community Slack where customers can chime in with suggestions or issues.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Herald just launched on ProductHunt! We couldn’t have gotten here without the support and feedback of our early customers, so our sincerest thanks to anyone that has tried Herald over the past few months.

  • We added a column to CSV exports from the topic details pages called remote_id . This represents the unique ID that your team has supplied to Intercom to identify a given user. It usually corresponds to how you identify the user in your internal database. This is useful for matching up the contacts in the CSV export with any other internal systems.

November 9, 2020

Add Attachments to Feedback

A picture says a thousands words, and often times, it provides much more clarity to customer feedback than just text. This week, we’ve added the ability to attach images to any feedback through the extension or the Front plugin. If you highlight content with an image, we’ll automatically pull it in. Same goes for if you paste content with an image into the quote text box. Give it a try today!

Shorten Links from the Herald Webapp

For customers that use our web interface to grab personalized links to feedback for contacts, we’ve also provided the ability to shorten them before copying them from the app (just like from within the extension).

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Added self-serve ability to change the billing email via our Stripe customer portal. Just go to Settings > Billing > Manage to make changes.
November 2, 2020

Edit Contacts from Extension and Front Plugin

We find that many of our power users have the need to be able to edit details about contacts right as they are entering feedback from them. This is especially true of Herald’s custom attributes on contacts. So we’ve enabled the ability for anyone to edit details about a contact right from the Chrome extension, Firefox Addon, or Front plugin!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed issue with the extension on the Front webapp that wasn’t picking up the right contact on Whatsapp threads.
October 23, 2020

Zapier Integration

Herald’s Zapier integration just went live! Our first trigger helps you create issues in your team’s issue tracker based on details from an existing Herald topic. Once you set it up, you’ll be able to create new issues in apps like GitHub, JIRA, and more, directly from the Herald app!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed UI bug where topics were incorrectly sorted in the Kanban view.

  • Fixed a bug where the UI wouldn’t recognize that a label was being created without a name.

October 16, 2020

Microsoft Login

You can now log into Herald with any business Microsoft account. We’re excited to unlock Herald’s user feedback management capabilities for a new set of customers. If you have any questions about the sign up process, give us a shout!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed UI bug where you couldn’t hover over a reporter’s avatar to see their name.

  • Fixed a bug where the warning about quotes already being added from a particular email or conversation wasn’t appearing in the extension and Front plugin.

October 9, 2020

Share Links for Quotes

Every quote now comes with a link that you can use to share it with teammates. This makes it easy to reference specific pieces of feedback when having discussions about user problems. Just hover over a quote, and you’ll see the new “link” icon to copy its URL to your clipboard!

Change Voice of the Customer Report Settings

You can now edit when your team’s weekly Voice of the Customer report will be sent out. Just head over to Settings to check it out!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Made a number of UI tweaks to support smaller screen resolutions. We also adjusted the design to fit better when new users have the onboarding checklist visible in the UI.

  • The Front plugin has bigger search boxes now, which means you can see up to 5 search results at any time without having to scroll.

  • We also edited the behavior of the Front plugin and extension so that it doesn’t clear out the selected contact when a quote is added. This makes it easier to add a bunch of quotes in sequence from an interview notes document (like on Google Docs or Notion) and to add multiple quotes from the same email in Front.

October 2, 2020

Updated Marketing Site

We spent much of this week thinking about how to best explain Herald’s value to new and existing customers. As part of this effort, we redid our marketing site to focus on how Herald can help product and customer-facing teams work together to accomplish their goals. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Added support for subscribing to Herald with additional editors, in case your team is growing!

  • A bug fix for testing the survey email (by sending it to yourself) without first having to configure it.

September 25, 2020

CSV Exports Galore

We’ve added the ability to export data as a CSV throughout the application. This includes:

  • The quotes list

  • The bird’s-eye view under the quotes list

  • The full topics list

This, combined with all the slicing and dicing that’s already possible with Herald makes it easy to pull reports on what customers are saying and recent trends.

Filter Quotes by Date Range

You can now also filter quotes by a specific day or date range. From the quotes view, open up the filters dialog, select “Filter by when quote was submitted” and type in a date or date range (like “july 10-20”) and we’ll automatically parse it and let you filter by it.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • If you need to see more than 40 topics or quotes at a time, you can click “see more” in the bottom left. It will pull up to 200 more.

  • Fixed bug where the “Clear filters” button was shown even when no filters were applied.

September 18, 2020


This week, we’re excited to release Herald surveys to all users. It’s the easiest way to implement Rahul Vohra’s “engine for PMF fit” from his experiences at Superhuman. Herald Surveys make it easy to:

1. Enroll your users in the survey manually, using an API, or using automation software (Zapier, customer.io, etc).

2. Have Herald email the survey to customers with your logo and brand colors.

3. Easily tag responses to Herald topics to organize feedback.

4. Analyze responses to individual questions with the most precise slice-n-dice tooling.

Let us know if you have any initial feedback, it’s available to everyone under the Surveys section on the left-hand nav bar!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We no longer fully hide quotes when editing a topic’s description from the details page.

  • Fixed a bug where quote counts for topics weren’t always being updated correctly.

September 11, 2020

Editing Personas

You can now edit any of your Herald personas. Change the name, description, or filter criteria right from the Herald UI.

🏋🏽‍♂️ More Topic Search Enhancements

We’re always tweaking the search functionality for our extension to make it even easier to find the right topic to attach a quote to. Now, we analyze words across all the quotes you’ve added to suggest the most relevant topics before you even type in a search query. Every keystroke eliminated matters!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Made the click target bigger for clearing a specific filter from the nav bar.

  • Laid the groundwork for an important new feature we’re launching next week. (Hint, it rhymes with “scurvy.”)

September 4, 2020

Superhuman & Options for Custom Attributes

Custom attributes on contacts are a great way to segment feedback between customers. We’ve made them even more powerful this week by introducing the ability to define a set of valid options for any custom attribute. For example, if you have an attribute that maps to the paid plan a customer is on, you can set the plan names as options on that attribute so that you always know the value will be valid.

💪 Superhuman Support

The Herald extension now supports parsing the customer’s name and email when clipping quotes directly from Superhuman. We know quite a few of our users love the client as their primary email app, so we’re excited to provide a much better experience for grabbing feedback.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We’ve made some tweaks to how we do search for topics in the extension—this should hopefully allow you to find the one you’re looking for with fewer (or no) keystrokes!

  • We published an article with Routable founder Omri Mor about how customer development has shaped their company so far.

August 28, 2020

One Quote, Multiple Topics

You can now immediately add a quote to multiple topics when creating it from the extension or the web app. We heard from a number of customers that quotes don’t always cleanly fit into a single topic, so we hope this adds more flexibility in terms of organizing feedback!

✨ Shorter Magic Links

Whenever you add a quote from the extension, if feedback history is enabled in your public portal settings, we provide a magic link that you can send to your customer so that they can see and verify that you’re tracking their feedback. We heard that those URLs were quite long, so we now allow you to shorten the link with a single click in the extension!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We made the warning when previewing the roadmap a little more obvious so that you’re always aware that you’re viewing a “privileged” version of the roadmap with all topics visible.

  • We improved our topic suggestions when adding quotes from the extension. Before even typing anything, we try to suggest the most relevant topics based on the content of the quote.

  • Links embedded within quotes and notes are now clickable from the web app.

August 21, 2020

Customer Feedback History

We’re proud this week to introduce the new Feedback History view. It allows you to privately share with any customer a list of all the feedback they’ve given you, along with the status of the connected topics. Enable this feature in the Settings > Public Portal page.

🦊 Firefox Addon

The long-awaited Firefox Addon is now available! Check it out by going to the Settings > Apps page in Herald.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We improved how images are rendered in Changelogs and Topics, especially when they’re portrait oriented.

  • A small improvement: now, when you add filters to the Topics or Quotes page and then navigate away from them, when you return, those filters should still be applied. If you ever want to remove them, just click the Clear Filters button at the bottom.

  • We added some helpful warnings for customers visiting your public portal to reassure them that their feedback is only visible to your team, and not to the general public.

August 14, 2020

Extension Updates

The Herald extension got some much needed love this week. The biggest improvement was tweaks to how we persist your input when the extension is closed. A few of you have brought up that you would sometimes lose your work when you closed the extension, switched tabs, then returned to the original tab. Now, when you fill in any of the fields within the extension on a given page, it should keep that information saved unless you manually delete it. This should make the experience for power users of the extension significantly smoother!

🔄Roadmap View Orientation

We’ve also reversed the order of columns in the public portal roadmap so that Backlog items are all the way on the left and completed items on the right. We hope this maps better to what our users are accustomed to seeing.

🏒New Onboarding Flow

In our never-ending quest to make it easier to get started with Herald, we made some improvements to the onboarding experience. We believe the new set of questions can better help us tailor the Herald experience according to our users’ needs.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Once you finish editing a topic or changelog, clicking “Back” on the browser navigation or within our UI will no longer bring you back to “edit” mode.

  • Fixed a bug where not all topics were appearing in the search menu while adding them to a changelog entry.

August 7, 2020

Updated Marketing Site

We made some shiny upgrades to our marketing site to reflect the latest features Herald has to offer. We’re excited about all the improvements we’ve been shipping the last few weeks, and so it was good to get them up on our homepage.

🚢 Improved Quotes Rendering

We also made some tweaks to the way we render quotes and data within our UI. One noticeable change should be that we now respect line breaks embedded in quotes. So when you clip emails with multiple paragraphs, they should be reflected in the Herald app.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We made billing self service so that you can easily update your information or subscribe to one of our plans. Just head over to Settings > Billing to make changes.

  • In conjunction with self-service billing, we made some tweaks to our pricing plans.

July 31, 2020


This week, we're proud to launch Personas, our biggest feature ever. It unlocks the power of custom attributes to segment your customers and do unparalleled analysis of their feedback.

Personas allow you to combine custom attributes to define important segments of contacts. Then, you can use those personas throughout Herald to slice and dice feedback to your heart's content. They also unlock new insights in a few of our views, giving you an overview of the types of customers requesting various features.

📹 Loom and YouTube Embeds

It’s now possible to embed any iframe into your changelogs or topic descriptions. You can either simply paste the embed code into the editor, or click the handy + Video icon in the editor toolbar to paste in a URL from YouTube or Loom and have us figure out how to embed it. Here’s an example!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where some pages in our UI jerked around when changing the zoom levels on the page.

  • Enabled Intercomed-sync contact to also have additional custom attributes in Herald, in addition to those imported from Intercom.

July 24, 2020

Redesigned Contact Details View

We've redesigned the contact details page to make it easier to scan through all of a customer's quotes alongside all their relevant information.

🚀 For customers with Intercom sync enabled, the new view also displays data pulled in from Intercom about their usage and any custom attributes you have defined there.

🔄 Intercom Attributes Sync

Now, all your Intercom data is viewable from within Herald. Just head over to the contact details page mentioned above and you’ll see i on the right!

🔎 Search for Contacts

This one is pretty simple—you can now search for contacts. Head over to the contacts section and hit / to start searching!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where some pages on Intercom and Gmail were incorrectly being marked as having quotes added already in the extension.

  • You can now paste local images in our changelogs and topic description editors!

  • Fixed a bug where removing all labels from a topic in the extension was causing it to crash.

  • Want a full-width view of quotes in the topic and contact details pages? You can now hide the right-hand sidebar by clicking that arrow pointing to the right.

  • When new quotes are added from the extension, we’ll show you a message containing a magic link to the user’s history of feedback. Clicking it will copy it to your clipboard and make it a breeze to keep your customers aware that you’re diligently tracking their feedback.

July 17, 2020

Custom Domains for Your Public Portal

Out of the box, your Herald Portal is configured to run at [workspace].herald.fyi. However, it can now easily be changed to a custom domain like feedback.example.com, updates.example.net, or portal.example.org.

Head over to Settings > Public Portal to customize the look and feel of your portal and configure your custom domain. You’ll then need to follow a couple more steps with your DNS provider to complete the setup.

🎨 Customize Your Portal

You can now also customize the logo, colors, and text that appear on your portal. This gives you a great deal of control over aligning the experience for your changelog and roadmap with the rest of your product. Check them out in Settings > Public Portal.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • There’s now a button to add links to any changelog or topic description. You’ll see a link chain in the top left. You can also add links by typing them out using markdown syntax.

  • Fixed a bug where adding labels while creating a new topic in the web app would fail.

July 10, 2020

Custom Attributes

Want to segment feedback based on paying vs. free users? Or enterprise vs. SMB customers? Our newest feature, custom attributes, allows you to add any properties to your contacts to make it easier to slice and dice feedback from the customers you care about.

Keyboard Shortcuts and a Command Launcher

We’ve also redesigned how filtering works throughout the application and introduced a handy “command launcher” to surface relevant actions based on the page you’re viewing. In tandem with that, we’ve introduced a number of keyboard shortcuts throughout the app that are discoverable either by hovering on buttons or opening the command bar (`⌘/Ctrl+K`).

July 3, 2020

Performance Improvements

This week was dedicated to improving the performance of our web app. We hope you’ll notice that switching between pages in the app should feel a bit snappier and hopefully a bit more pleasant as well.

We did this to lay the groundwork of some exciting new updates coming next week, including more robust keyboard shortcuts and even more flexible querying options for quotes and topics. These updates will take your prioritization game to the next level 💪.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We now have a sample application up to demonstrate Herald’s features to new and existing customers. Say hello to the roadmap for FastNG, a broadband provider dedicated to the needs of billionaires!

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