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Redesigned Topic Details View

Redesigned Topic Details View

The topics details view just got a fresh coat of paint! We reorganized the layout to put all pertinent information about the topic on the right, with all quotes from your customers on the left. This should make it much easier to scan and understand the gist of a topic. It also comes with nifty new shortcuts:

  • e to begin editing the topic.

  • CMD/Ctrl + s to save the topic once you've finished editing.

  • q and d to switch between the quotes and description tabs respectively.

Descriptions and Hero Images for Every Topic

Want to add a more detailed description of a Herald topic for your roadmap? Herald now supports adding descriptions for every topic so that you can explain to teammates and customers (via your portal) what a topic is about. You can even add a hero image (maybe a screenshot?) to every description to give it some more pizzazz.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Now anyone can enable a public roadmap for their workspace without having to reach out to the Herald team. Just head over to Settings > Customer Portal, and you'll see a toggle to enable to disable public access to your roadmap.


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