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Customer Feedback History

We’re proud this week to introduce the new Feedback History view. It allows you to privately share with any customer a list of all the feedback they’ve given you, along with the status of the connected topics. Enable this feature in the Settings > Public Portal page.

🦊 Firefox Addon

The long-awaited Firefox Addon is now available! Check it out by going to the Settings > Apps page in Herald.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We improved how images are rendered in Changelogs and Topics, especially when they’re portrait oriented.

  • A small improvement: now, when you add filters to the Topics or Quotes page and then navigate away from them, when you return, those filters should still be applied. If you ever want to remove them, just click the Clear Filters button at the bottom.

  • We added some helpful warnings for customers visiting your public portal to reassure them that their feedback is only visible to your team, and not to the general public.


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