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One Quote, Multiple Topics

You can now immediately add a quote to multiple topics when creating it from the extension or the web app. We heard from a number of customers that quotes don’t always cleanly fit into a single topic, so we hope this adds more flexibility in terms of organizing feedback!

✨ Shorter Magic Links

Whenever you add a quote from the extension, if feedback history is enabled in your public portal settings, we provide a magic link that you can send to your customer so that they can see and verify that you’re tracking their feedback. We heard that those URLs were quite long, so we now allow you to shorten the link with a single click in the extension!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We made the warning when previewing the roadmap a little more obvious so that you’re always aware that you’re viewing a “privileged” version of the roadmap with all topics visible.

  • We improved our topic suggestions when adding quotes from the extension. Before even typing anything, we try to suggest the most relevant topics based on the content of the quote.

  • Links embedded within quotes and notes are now clickable from the web app.


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