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CSV Exports Galore

We’ve added the ability to export data as a CSV throughout the application. This includes:

  • The quotes list

  • The bird’s-eye view under the quotes list

  • The full topics list

This, combined with all the slicing and dicing that’s already possible with Herald makes it easy to pull reports on what customers are saying and recent trends.

Filter Quotes by Date Range

You can now also filter quotes by a specific day or date range. From the quotes view, open up the filters dialog, select “Filter by when quote was submitted” and type in a date or date range (like “july 10-20”) and we’ll automatically parse it and let you filter by it.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • If you need to see more than 40 topics or quotes at a time, you can click “see more” in the bottom left. It will pull up to 200 more.

  • Fixed bug where the “Clear filters” button was shown even when no filters were applied.


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