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Public Portal Improvements

You can now configure your Herald Public Portal to display the total pieces of feedback provided for your public topics. Vote counts on the public portal make it easy to give your customers a sense for your most-requested features and easily “upvote” their own requests. We still encourage users to provide longer-form feedback, but give them the option to skip adding more details and just upvote an item.

Simplified Public Roadmap

We also gave Herald Public Portals some much-needed love this week, simplifying the design and refining the amount of information we show at any one time. Backlog topics have been moved to a separate section in order to give planned, in progress, and completed topics more attention.

“+1” as a Vote

Even if you are not using the Public Portal, you can also easily track customer upvotes for a topic by adding a short quote with the text “+1.” These will be converted to votes and shown on a separate tab when you go to a topic’s details page.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We now periodically automatically re-sync your Linear teams for those have the integration enabled.

  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t edit a contact’s name.

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t see all teammates.

  • We improved the documentation for integrating the portal with your product.


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