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Share Links for Quotes

Every quote now comes with a link that you can use to share it with teammates. This makes it easy to reference specific pieces of feedback when having discussions about user problems. Just hover over a quote, and you’ll see the new “link” icon to copy its URL to your clipboard!

Change Voice of the Customer Report Settings

You can now edit when your team’s weekly Voice of the Customer report will be sent out. Just head over to Settings to check it out!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Made a number of UI tweaks to support smaller screen resolutions. We also adjusted the design to fit better when new users have the onboarding checklist visible in the UI.

  • The Front plugin has bigger search boxes now, which means you can see up to 5 search results at any time without having to scroll.

  • We also edited the behavior of the Front plugin and extension so that it doesn’t clear out the selected contact when a quote is added. This makes it easier to add a bunch of quotes in sequence from an interview notes document (like on Google Docs or Notion) and to add multiple quotes from the same email in Front.


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