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Login Directly from the Customer Portal

Herald is now Open for Everyone

Our biggest update this week is that Herald is no longer invite-only. We'd love for you to give us a spin—no credit card needed.

Login Directly from the Customer Portal

Your customers can now log in directly from your Customer Portal. They just enter their email, and we'll send them a magic link to log in. Then they get a personalized view of your roadmap, along with the ability to provide feedback on new or existing ideas.

Suggest New Topics on the Customer Portal

When customers are logged into your Customer Portal, they can now suggest new ideas for you to work on without having to reach out to you. Their suggestions are routed into Herald as new topics for you to review and prioritize as necessary.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Roadmaps are now accessible as subdomains on * Check out Herald's public roadmap at Hooray for shorter URLs!

  • Custom subdomains for your workspace's customer portal. Want a human-readable subdomain for your workspace on Herald? We're all ears. Just reach out via email or live chat and tell us what you'd like on *


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