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Extension Updates

The Herald extension got some much needed love this week. The biggest improvement was tweaks to how we persist your input when the extension is closed. A few of you have brought up that you would sometimes lose your work when you closed the extension, switched tabs, then returned to the original tab. Now, when you fill in any of the fields within the extension on a given page, it should keep that information saved unless you manually delete it. This should make the experience for power users of the extension significantly smoother!

🔄Roadmap View Orientation

We’ve also reversed the order of columns in the public portal roadmap so that Backlog items are all the way on the left and completed items on the right. We hope this maps better to what our users are accustomed to seeing.

🏒New Onboarding Flow

In our never-ending quest to make it easier to get started with Herald, we made some improvements to the onboarding experience. We believe the new set of questions can better help us tailor the Herald experience according to our users’ needs.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Once you finish editing a topic or changelog, clicking “Back” on the browser navigation or within our UI will no longer bring you back to “edit” mode.

  • Fixed a bug where not all topics were appearing in the search menu while adding them to a changelog entry.


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