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This week, we're proud to launch Personas, our biggest feature ever. It unlocks the power of custom attributes to segment your customers and do unparalleled analysis of their feedback.

Personas allow you to combine custom attributes to define important segments of contacts. Then, you can use those personas throughout Herald to slice and dice feedback to your heart's content. They also unlock new insights in a few of our views, giving you an overview of the types of customers requesting various features.

📹 Loom and YouTube Embeds

It’s now possible to embed any iframe into your changelogs or topic descriptions. You can either simply paste the embed code into the editor, or click the handy + Video icon in the editor toolbar to paste in a URL from YouTube or Loom and have us figure out how to embed it. Here’s an example!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where some pages in our UI jerked around when changing the zoom levels on the page.

  • Enabled Intercomed-sync contact to also have additional custom attributes in Herald, in addition to those imported from Intercom.


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