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Superhuman & Options for Custom Attributes

Custom attributes on contacts are a great way to segment feedback between customers. We’ve made them even more powerful this week by introducing the ability to define a set of valid options for any custom attribute. For example, if you have an attribute that maps to the paid plan a customer is on, you can set the plan names as options on that attribute so that you always know the value will be valid.

💪 Superhuman Support

The Herald extension now supports parsing the customer’s name and email when clipping quotes directly from Superhuman. We know quite a few of our users love the client as their primary email app, so we’re excited to provide a much better experience for grabbing feedback.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • We’ve made some tweaks to how we do search for topics in the extension—this should hopefully allow you to find the one you’re looking for with fewer (or no) keystrokes!

  • We published an article with Routable founder Omri Mor about how customer development has shaped their company so far.


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