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Product Areas and Topic Types

Topics in Herald took a big step forward this week with the introduction of two new features:

Product Areas

It’s often important for teams to categorize topics by product area. For example, things that affect onboarding or the public API. Now, you can define the right product areas for your team in Settings > Labels and then apply them to any of your topics. You can then filter by product area and save those filters as a view for easy access.

Topic Types

We also rolled out the ability to categorize topics by type. While this is mostly for organizational purposes at the moment, in the future, we’ll add functionality specific to various topic types. For now, we allow you to categorize topics as one of:

  • Problem

  • Feature

  • Bug

  • Testimonial

  • Other

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where newly created personas were not getting feedback properly attributed to them.

  • Deployed a temporary fix for the Chrome Extension being extremely slow and unresponsive when used on secondary monitors.


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