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🥁 A Changelog for Everyone

Keeping customers in the loop when you're shipping features they asked for is essential to eliciting more, higher-quality feedback from them in the future. Changelogs are a great way not just to inform customers about new features, but also as a way to generate momentum from your team as you iterate on a weekly basis. Changelogs on Herald take minutes to set up. Get started with yours today!

🔥Topic Suggestions on the Chrome Extension and Front Plugin

Struggling to find the right topic for a customer quote, even though you know you’ve seen it before? We released an improvement to our Chrome Extension and Front Plugins to offer suggestions on the topic, based on the quote so that you don’t even have to search for it. Just open the dropdown for picking the topic and you’ll see what we recommend. Let us know if you want to enable this feature for your workspace!


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