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Saved Views

After a week off for Thanksgiving, we’re back with some updates to help teams make the most of Herald. First up is saved views. This new feature allows you to create views of topics or feedback that are shared across your Herald workspace so that any team member can easily get to them. We’ve created a few useful ones like “In Motion” topics and “Recent Feedback” to give you a sense of what’s possible!

🏃🏼‍♂️ Improved Teammates View

We made some tweaks to the teammates view to provide you with some text you can copy and send to teammates to invite them to start using Herald. Remember, anyone with an email address on your company’s domain will automatically have access to your Herald workspace.

💼 Company Attributes Imported from Intercom

Herald now brings in company-level attributes from Intercom. This means you can build personas based on those attributes. So, for example, you can build a Herald persona of high-paying users based on the monthly_spend attribute of the companies in your workspace.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • The Herald UI has a new font! See if you notice the difference 👀

  • We heard from a number of users that the word “Quote” wasn’t the most intuitive name for feedback, so we renamed it! You should see “feedback” throughout the UI in place of the items that were previously called “quotes.”

  • Fixed bugs with filtering topics by quote count as well as by labels.


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