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Custom Domains for Your Public Portal

Out of the box, your Herald Portal is configured to run at [workspace] However, it can now easily be changed to a custom domain like,, or

Head over to Settings > Public Portal to customize the look and feel of your portal and configure your custom domain. You’ll then need to follow a couple more steps with your DNS provider to complete the setup.

🎨 Customize Your Portal

You can now also customize the logo, colors, and text that appear on your portal. This gives you a great deal of control over aligning the experience for your changelog and roadmap with the rest of your product. Check them out in Settings > Public Portal.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • There’s now a button to add links to any changelog or topic description. You’ll see a link chain in the top left. You can also add links by typing them out using markdown syntax.

  • Fixed a bug where adding labels while creating a new topic in the web app would fail.


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