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Accept Customer Feedback on the Customer Portal

Add Feedback to Topics on the Customer Portal

When users are viewing their personalized roadmap, they can now provide feedback on any existing topic. This makes it easy to understand how other customers are experiencing the same problem. These quotes are added directly to the topic in Herald.

Completed Topics in Public Roadmaps

Show customers all the important updates you've been shipping! Our roadmaps now include a column with completed topics. Not only does this highlight what you've done, it automatically flags the completed items your users personally requested. Let them know you're listening!

Export Quotes to a CSV

Download all the quotes for a given topic to a CSV, with contact details. This is great if you want to update all the customers that requested something, and personalize it with their verbatim quotes. Make them feel special, even if it's months later!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Customize the granularity of Slack notifications. You can now pick from two settings for the frequency of Slack notifications to your team. It can be configured to send a message whenever the first quote is added to a Herald topic, or when any quote is added to any Herald topic.

  • Kanban View for Topics. We've heard from multiple customers that they'd like an "internal roadmap" to help get the team aligned on their priorities. Our new kanban view in the Topics section provides just that. Easily see which topics are in various stages of the development process.

  • Revamped FAQs guide with best practices on organizing topics in Herald.

    Herald: Frequently Asked Questions


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