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Redesigned Contact Details View

We've redesigned the contact details page to make it easier to scan through all of a customer's quotes alongside all their relevant information.

🚀 For customers with Intercom sync enabled, the new view also displays data pulled in from Intercom about their usage and any custom attributes you have defined there.

🔄 Intercom Attributes Sync

Now, all your Intercom data is viewable from within Herald. Just head over to the contact details page mentioned above and you’ll see i on the right!

🔎 Search for Contacts

This one is pretty simple—you can now search for contacts. Head over to the contacts section and hit / to start searching!

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements 🚀

  • Fixed a bug where some pages on Intercom and Gmail were incorrectly being marked as having quotes added already in the extension.

  • You can now paste local images in our changelogs and topic description editors!

  • Fixed a bug where removing all labels from a topic in the extension was causing it to crash.

  • Want a full-width view of quotes in the topic and contact details pages? You can now hide the right-hand sidebar by clicking that arrow pointing to the right.

  • When new quotes are added from the extension, we’ll show you a message containing a magic link to the user’s history of feedback. Clicking it will copy it to your clipboard and make it a breeze to keep your customers aware that you’re diligently tracking their feedback.


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